Friday, February 10, 2017

JOHN CARTER: THE END #1 available now!

cover by the great Gabriel Hardman
The first issue of the series I am co-writing with Mr. Brian Wood is on the stands. I am very proud of this series; not only am I a huge and longtime JOHN CARTER fan, we were able to touch on a lot of other things that I love as this story unfolds.... 1970s euro-scifi, Jodorowsky, Jesse Marsh, and a few other things I don't want to spoil. It's a lot of fun.

The art is by newcomer Hayden Sherman, and colorist Chris O'Halloran, and they did (and are doing) a STELLAR job. Couldn't be more pleased.

And the reviews are in!

"John Carter – The End #1 may be a quiet and moody opening issue, but its grounded tone and focus on the personal serves to breathe more nuanced life into the adventures of the classic pulp hero. 7.5/10" (Capeless Crusader)

"This is a great creative team and they are delivering a John Carter story that will peak anybody’s interest." (Word of the Nerd Online)

"Fans of the books will love this, and even if you aren’t familiar with the novels there’s definitely enough here to make you come back for more. I’ll be sticking with this one for sure." (Big Comic Page)

"I’ve always enjoyed Carter’s exploits across Mars, its great escapism, but John Carter: The End is a bold new chapter the legendary charter." (Slackjaw Punks)

"Hayden Sherman (Civil War II: Kingpin) does a great job with the art in this book. It is primitive and powerful. Each panel looks dangerous, like you could be sliced to ribbons by the cliff faces." (Comic Crusaders)

"The story by Wood and Cox is a fascinating take on the two heroes who are thrust into the thick of war yet another time--even if they don't want it. The artwork by Sherman is as haggard as the characters themselves and lends itself well to the overarching tone of the issue. John Carter: The End #1 is a pretty heady foray into the character with an illustrious history that turns some of that history on its head." (Omnicomic)

"Longtime fans of John Carter will love this and if you’ve wanted to give him a try now's a perfect time to do so this is one that will thrill, excite and mesmerise readers." (Reading With A Flight Ring)

"...this creative team has definitely delivered an exciting and captivating tale. I look forward to seeing how John and Dejah deal with returning to Barsoom and what lies ahead for the pair of them." (The Drop News

"Beautifully written by Brian Wood (DMZ) and Alex Cox (Adventure Time), the story conveys deep emotional ties between the characters... The images are strikingly beautiful and convey the emotions of the characters and the situation. All in all, “John Carter: The End #1” is a perfect continuation for the stories of Edgar Rice Burroughs and the characters of Barsoom. This should please, delight and thrill old and new fans alike." (Outright Geekery)

"For a first issue of such an established property, it does things right by making readers want to come back for more." (The Telltale Mind)


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Remember how we grew up reading this stuff! "Awesome then, awesome now -GWS."